Help Your Children Succeed At School​

Your children’s success starts from home. Studies have shown that a child’s performance and behaviour at school is linked to parents’ involvement. Here’s what you can do to ensure that your children love learning and thrive at school.

Communicate with Your Children

Communication between you and your children should be a two-way street. Talking to them is an effective way to understand your children, what they want, what they need, what challenges they face, and collaboratively figure out the potential solutions. By encouraging them to talk and hearing them out, not only do you help them develop essential communication skills, you also teach them to speak and stand up for themselves. Communication skills will not only help them  succeed in school, but also in life in general.

Develop a Healthy Study Routine

Communicating with your children can help you understand what a healthy study routine for them should look like. Besides limiting the use of phones and other electronic devices that can be distracting during study times, you can encourage them to develop good study habits by knowing their learning styles as well as when they need to study, play, and rest. Let them pick the hours and spots for studying, and hold them accountable for their choices. Not only will this method teach them responsibility, it is also good for their mental health not to be overburdened by their parents’ demands and high expectations.

Make Learning Fun

School can surely be boring and demanding for children what with hours spent in the classroom, doing homework, studying for exams, and taking tests. You can make learning outside of school fun by encouraging active learning. Engage them in fun activities during which they learn soft skills such as playing with friends, playing sports, playing musical instruments, visiting museums, or reading books together.

Communicate with Their Teachers

Build good and mutually respectful relationships with your children’s teachers and schools. Establish the best methods of communication for both sides so that you can ask questions and seek their advice about your children, and they can inform you of their development and any critical concerns. Speaking to the school can also help you find out if your children have other problems such as socializing and bullying.

Get Outside Help If Required

What if they struggle at certain subjects and you either do not have the expertise or the time to help them study? You can seek help from their teachers and schools, your community, or hire tutors

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