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Agreni Course

Exploring Their Incredible Potential

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Agreni Course

Personalized Learning Experience

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Agreni Course

Reignite Their Passion for Learning

We tailor our programs to improve 
 of your child

What Make Us The Best

We start with a one-on-one interview to every new student to assess his or her key strengths and areas for improvement. Based on the results, our experienced tutors will develop a path that makes sense for your child. 

We prepare student with the strategies and knowledge to take on any exams. Our programs are designed to help students with day-to-day school assignments such as homework, organizing daily assignments and improving their learning style.

With a wide range of availability, our experienced tutors are ready to create a program that fits your child’s calendar.



Mathematics • Physics • Biology • Computer Science • Chemistry • Science • English


Elementary • Middle • High School IGCSE • AS/A Level • IB • AP • Others


SAT • ACT • SAT Subject • GMAT • GRE • Others

Top Campuses

Our students are accepted to top schools and universities



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What They Say About


My children struggled with certain subjects at school. A good teacher is needed to be able to teach students. Sometimes my children do not get good teachers in schools who have the skills / abilities to teach them.
With Agreni, my children understand the subject better. They are more confident and excel in school

Jeremy's Mom

Since my daughter took honors Math class. I really gave up answering her question because I did not understand anything.
I can see my daughter developing a lot her confidence in answering more challenging questions in Mathematics. Infact at Agreni motivated him to take HL Math for IB and she took it
Agreni is a place where anyone could put their child and be rest assured that their kids would do great

Mansi's Mom

Since grade 11 he needs help attending chemistry and mathematics lessons. To review topics covered in class and prepare for exams
Agreni helped my son get a better understanding of his chemical topics.

Michael's Mom

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